The Company

A wholly Malaysian owned and run company set up with the main aim of delivering real and organic value through our service offerings, intended to smoothen transactional activity with regards to real estate brokerage.

By minimizing the usual red tape and market inefficiencies and implementing a transparent, focused and flexible virtual model, we are putting back the control of your property in your hands. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, our service is catered to minimizing your efforts and maximizing your returns.

The Team

The real estate industry is one that has seen a substantial amount of change in its dynamics and stakeholders in recent times. The ever growing influence of technology now means that property transactions are actively taking place at a rate like never before. In short, more and more aspects of a typical property deal are moving online and we’re simply adapting to the changing face of real estate brokerage.

While the internet has made all our lives easier, we understand that many aspect of a property deal still require that careful, discreet and honest human touch. That’s why at SUHQ, your needs always come first.

A small but growing team of Malaysian real estate professionals, the SUHQ Team consists of experienced and knowledgeable professionals with a combined experience of almost 80 years in property agency, valuation, management and hospitality. So we’re confident that between us, we’ll be giving you an unrivalled level of efficiency as well as a level of personal touch unlike ever before.

Get more bang for your buck with SUHQ. Go on and try us, we dare you !